Evo Netball

Launched in 2010, Evolution Netball has established itself as the leading coaching provider for girls aged 8 to adult.

Evolution Netball provides a broad understanding of the game, from important footwork skills to perceptional awareness in a fun and safe environment. This girls-only activity offers training for girls aged 8 to adult with recreational and competitive programmes available.

Led by former Scotland International Thenneh Conteh, and supported by experienced coach Michele Hudson the 2017/2018 season promises to be an exciting one for the Evo Netball programme.

Coaching Methodology

  • Coaches who understand how habits are formed
  • Coaches who possess knowledge on how players learn
  • Practices that progress in a logical sequence
  • Practices that are performed in relative areas of the field 
  • Enthusiastic, well organized and qualified coach 
  • Well planned session that has a technical and tactical focus  
  • Coach allows players to solve problems 
  • Keep it simple, do not over coach 
  • Respect the player, parent, coach, official – Fair Play 
  • Positive feedback from the coach creates a learning environment and enjoyment of the game.

Areas of Focus

Some of the critical areas we focus on during our sessions:

  • Ball handling
  • Ball retention (speed ball)
  • Abilities and Goals/goal attempt actions
  • Attacking techniques,
  • Attacking play from center position
  • Defensive techniques
  • Defensive play from center position
  • Correct throwing and catching of the ball
  • Footwork
  • Position play
  • Court play