Evo Swimming

Established in September 2012, Evolution Swimming has quickly emerged as one of the most respected swim clubs in the local community.  Officially opened by former Doha College Student and London 2012 Swimming Olympian Nada Arakji (Qatar) alongside the British Ambassador Michael O’Neil, Evolution Swimming instantly attracted many families in the area due to a revitalised swimming centre with improved features and a diverse program, which caters to a wide range of ability groups from ‘Water Confidence’ to ‘Advanced Level’.

The aim of the club is to provide a fun and safe environment for all of our swimmers in which to learn how to swim and be confident in the water.  Thereafter our intention is to help our swimmers to gradually progress by focusing on the correct techniques in all four strokes (Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly) and various relevant water skills including diving.

Our programme has been developed to allow us to more easily recognise the progress being made by individual swimmers with the aim of enabling them to move upwards through the various levels to the more advanced groups where we work on speed, stamina and performance leading to future competition opportunities.

Our recent success has enabled us to add additional resources during the past year and we are working on new initiatives to strengthen the coaching staff, to raise standards further, to add additional sessions and to engage in more competitive events.