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Our Evo Netball U16's are being put through their paces this evening, while they complete a challenging course which incorporates coordination, agility and speed as well as general netball skills. 
We welcomed our new and existing young learners who were put into teams to competed against each other in various challenges. 
We loved seeing these girls tackle all netball skills as well as carrying huge smiles on their faces!

Go to our Facebook to see tonight's Team Building Winner! 
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Coaches at Al Waab were happy to be back on the pitch today. The Under 7 and 8 Tigers managed to grab a quick selfie with Coach Shitu. Coach Shitu said 'It's always good to be back on the pitch coaching after the holidays, I'm excited and looking forward to Term 3.' #IAmEvo #EverythingEvo #Welcomeback #EvoSportsQatar #Term3
Here are some of our level 5 swimmers showing how happy they are to be back! To conclude today's session, they played a game called cats and mice in which the cat has to catch all of the mice in order to be victorious. 
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The Under 10 Academy are back to training tonight after their recent success in the Dubai International Super Cup. Great welcome shown by the U8s Academy who created a guard of honour for our little champions #Evo #IamEvo #EvloutionSportsQatar
With 3 days to go until term 3 begins, we are delighted to be able to open up registrations to ALL!

As always, places are limited, and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Before making payment, please ensure that you have familiarised yourselves with the term dates and training schedules, which are available via our website. 
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A very proud day for Coaches Tommy and Ducky today as the U14 Academy visited Westend Juniors of Huddersfield. Tommy and Ducky, along with many others spent their formative years playing in the Westend Academy, under the guidance of Ricky Thwaites. Ricky has dedicated 50 plus years to coaching and developing young players, all for free and has never asked for anything in return. Alongside Shaun Townsend and a number of others, Ricky has helped Westend grow into one of the best grassroots clubs in West Yorkshire. Many of the values that we hold close to our hearts at Evo were born from the Westend philosophy and it was great for our players to see where the Evo vision was born. The game finished 2-0 to Evo, with goals from Max and Omar enough to seal the victory. Well done to all involved and a massive thank you to Ricky, Sean and Marvin for making it happen. #EverythingEvo #IAmEvo #WestendFC #Huddersfield #EvoOnTour
Here are some of the highlights from the first week of our Multi Sports Camp at Doha College, Al Waab. #IAmEvo #EverythingEvo
With just over a week to go until term 3 begins, we are delighted to be able to open up registrations to new / waitlisted members. Head over to our website for more information.
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Get what you need for the new term by stepping inside the future of sport. 
The largest adidas store in the country is now open at the Mall of Qatar!

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Well done to Evolution Soccer Academy U10's

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Evolution Sports U10 prepare themselves for the Dubai Super Cup Final. Good luck boys! #EvoOnTour2017
Dubai Super Cup 3rd place play off
Evolution Sports U12 vs Alberton Football Club 
Evolution Sports U12 prepare themselves for the 3rd Place Play off. Good luck boys! #EvoOnTour2017
Evolution Sports Academy players enjoying their last day at The Dubai Mall. #EvoOnTour2017
Head over to our YouTube page to see the full video! 
It has been a fantastic 2nd term during the 2016-2017 season at Evolution Sports Qatar.

Our young learners & adults across all sports have had many memorable moments and we have put this video together to showcase the majority of them.

We would like to thank all our members and parents who have participated in everything EVO!

We have hit a record number of club-wide fixtures and meets, which as a club we are really proud of and we will continue to follow this trend during term 3.

Term 3 is fast approaching so make sure you have re-enrolled or registered with our admin team, as places are extremely limited.

Dates: 23rd April to 30th June (10 weeks)

Price 1650QR

Locations - Al Waab / West bay / North Duhail

Soccer / Swimming /Basketball / Netball / Evo Fit / Rugby /

Evolution Sports Academy visit  Dubai Mall. #EvoOnTour2017
Well done U14's!! 🔴🔴🔴 Despite the loss, there were moments of magic on the court! So much talent was implemented tonight from these girls. 
Coach Michele was extremely happy with the outcome! 
We've still got one more season, and there are some final touches to perfect their game but the progress is excellent... Congratulations to Holly, Ruby and Yasmeen for their first game with us in the league! Our lovely ladies implemented great skills on the court and contributed to the game well.  We can't wait for more next season! 
Rest up and we'll see you next term girls!! #IAmEvo #EvoNetball #ThisGirlCan
As we end our amazing 1st week of Iam Evo - Easter Swim Holiday Camps, the Fun and Laughter never stops. 
Our young learners are looking forward to joining us again next week. #everythingevo #EvoSwimming #IamEvo #Doha #Qatar
Dubai Super Cup Day 3 - Semi-Finals #EvoOnTour2017
Semi-Final scores at The Dubai Super Cup. #EvoOnTour2017