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Our Swifts Netball Squad proud to be part of a club celebrating 10 years of RESPECT. Respect your teammates, respect your coaches, respect to the players and respect your commitment 🙌🏽 a key lesson at Evo Netball. #EvoRespect #EvoNetball #ProudToBe10 #Evo10yrs #ThisGirlCan #EvoRoleModels #EvoDNA #EverythingEvo
We are very proud of our HUGE diversity in members & staff. From Canada to Australia to Iran - we are happy to provide for all. It's great to see all our members and staff get along so well and enjoy exchanging conversations about their culture whilst also getting fit! #EvoSportsQatar #Respect #PowerTeam #EvoDNA #CoreValues #EvoSwimming
General manager Tommy Westmoreland led a coach education session today focusing on “creating an inclusive environment for players and parents”. We are fortunate to have enjoyed huge support from our parents over the year and this session challenged coaches to explore different ways of interacting with and working with what we consider to be the club's “second largest asset - the parents”. Can you guess who the coaches felt that the clubs largest asset is?

#EvoRespect #Evo10Years #Equality #Communication #Values #EvoDNA
Building confidence, one kick at a time! #EvoSoccer #EvoSportsQatar #IAmEvo #EverythingEvo #EvoRespect #EvoDNA #CoreValues
At Evo, one of our core values is RESPECT.  Across each of our activities we promote key sporting values such as self control, fair play and mutual respect. This is the EVO way! .
#EvoRespect #EvoDNA #CoreValues #IamEvo #Evo10yrs #EverythingEvo .
Volunteers are a massive part of our coaching programme at Evolution Soccer and today we are lucky to have both Pablo and Louis helping with our U7 & U8 groups at Al Waab.

Both Pablo and Louis are currently taking part in the LLS programme and we are delighted to have them helping with our players every week. ⚽️🤝 #EverythingEvo #EvoSportsQatar #EvoSoccer #IAmEvo #EvoRespect #EvoDNA #CoreValues
If you are interested in giving it a try or joining then please contact us on the following email (arickwood@evosportsqatar.com) or comment below. 
All abilities welcome. 
Please share with anyone who you feel may be interested. 
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Al Waab U16's focusing on passing and receiving during today's session.

Coach Mitch said, 'The indoor environment is fantastic for our players to work on their close control. Passing and receiving is a big part of our Philosophy at Evo, so it's great to see our players developing this part of their game.' #AlWaab #EverythingEvo #EvolutionSoccer #Evo10Yrs #IAmEvo
What a great evening for our young athletes last night! .
Evo swimming, our Girls-Only football and our Soccer Academy were represented at the Qatar Running Series Aquathon race 1.
In the under 12 relay Matteo and his partner came 2nd.
In the under 12 females race, Tia came third. .
Well done! .
#EverythingEvo #IamEvo #Evo10yrs
The theme this week for our Advanced Development teams has been drive and kick offensive principles. The U16 Fire have been working very hard this afternoon to improve as individuals and as a team. Great works girls! #everythingevo #evobasketball #evo10years  #girlsonly #iamevo #everythingevo #dohabasketball #qatarbasketball
The U12s Blue team in action this morning at our West Bay center. All players looking forward to an action packed session. 
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ALL ABOARD... Our Mega Ballers had fun capturing pirates this morning while working on their dribbling and passing skills. For every pirate captured the players were awarded one point. Amazing to think that our winner claimed to have one million points... they must have worked so hard! At Evo we encourage our players to believe in imagination... it will get them everywhere! #LittleBallers #AlWaab #Evo10Years #IAmEvo #EverythingEvo #FridaySuperstars
Welcome to the fun world of Little Ballers…
Little Baller’s is Qatar’s largest and most established toddler football programme, designed specifically for pre-school children aged 2-6 years. .
Guided by FA qualified coaches, the Little Ballers programme is an ever-evolving quest to teach fundamental football techniques & elementary life skills in a vibrant, group play environment.
Invaluable social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork are conscientiously woven into a involving programme that places as much emphasis on simple learning concepts like colours and numbers as it does on fine-tuning a child’s basic balance, agility and co-ordination. .
Why do we get a kick out of every class we run? It's Fun!
Our Coaches have fun teaching, the children have fun learning new skills and our parents relax and enjoy a friendly chat. So whether you're nurturing a future star or just want a happier, healthier child - why not sign up and have a ball with us?
If you have a child aged 2-6 years old and would like to sign them up to Qatar's largest pre-school sports programme then why not get in touch.
Contact us on info@evosportsqatar.com or sign up online via https://www.evopg.com/clubsys/register/
Great morning at West Bay today. Our young learners still working on dribbling and turning with a fun warm up working on their ABC's. #IAmEvo #EvolutionSoccer #EverythingEvo #EvoSportsQatar #Evo10Yrs #WestBay
Here is a clip of our growing Ladies Netball Program 💪🏽 An excellent session on movement in the goal third and feeding the circle. Wether you are an experienced player or new to the game, these sessions are tailored for you! Come and join us ⭐️ #EvoNetball #NetballOnTheRise #ThisGirlCan #IAmEvo #Evo10Years #ProudToBe10
ThrowbackThursday.... #GuessWho? Can you name the Evo Mascot pictured here in 2011, who is still a member of the Evo Soccer Academy today? #EverythingEvo #IamEvo #Evo10yrs
Down at Al Waab this evening our U9&10 teams focused on dribbling and turning. The turnout was nothing short of fantastic. 
Have a watch of this unbelievable sole role by Jad from the U10 Cheetahs, we love how he uses it to change direction!!! #alwaab #everythingevo #welcomeback #evo10yrs #iamevo
West Bay U10's Reds continued with the theme Dribbling & Turning this evening. 
The players started with a ball mastery practice to work on ball manipulation which is very important when dribbling. It's helps to keep the ball close and to use all different parts of the foot and both feet.

This was followed by a technical part of the session to work on how and when to perform feints or tricks up against a defender. Moving on to 1v1's and small sided games to see if the players can apply the skills they have learnt earlier in the session.

#iamevo #evo10yrs #evosportsqatar #evowestbay
What an amazing turn out and session the development squad had yesterday! Coach Dylan and Coach Alex are both extremely pleased with the amount of effort and enthusiasm each swimmer brought to the session last night, well done development squad keep up the good work! 
#evoswimming #developmentsquad #evo10 #AlWaab #iamevo #everythingevo
Down at Al Waab this evening four of our U14's teams concentrated on passing and receiving. The passing variations and combinations massively impressed the coaches! Players also worked on different techniques to use when receiving the ball at feet!!! After the session our 14 B2's shaped up for a team photograph.

#everythingevo #iamevo #evo10yrs #alwaab #welcomeback