How to Register

At Evolution Sports Qatar we have a great admin team who look after all new and existing members.  One of the frequently asked questions, which we receive a lot is... How do we register?  Well our admin team have put together some instructions and a document to make this process as easy as possible.


Here are five easy steps:

Step One - Press the red 'apply' button on top right of the webpage

You will be asked to supply the name, age and gender of the child you wish to sign-up.

Step Two - Select Programme

You will be asked to select the programme you wish to join. It is possible to tick multiple sports.

Use the “Add Next Applicant” button to add siblings as another applicant.

Step Three - Enter your own contact details (PARENT/GUARDIAN)

You will be asked to supply your contact details and select a password.

Remember to keep your password. You will use this to sign-in your account.

Step Four - Finalize your registration

Type the Captcha Security code and click on the 'I accept - create my account' button.

Step Five - Await Confirmation

You will then receive a “WELCOME” email from us. Please be advised that this is not yet a confirmation of a place in the team, thus do not proceed with payment.

We at EVO office will do our best to give you a timely response usually 5-7 days. But due to the growing number of our members, we kindly request you to bear with us in case it takes longer.

If you have been notified that the program you chose is full you have the option to be added to the wait-list. Wait-list is first come, first serve according to the date and time the applicant confirms to be in the wait list. When/if a space becomes available the first person on the wait list will be sent an email to notify them. They will then have 3 working days from the time the email was sent to pay for the fee. If they do not pay within 3 working days they will be removed from the list and the next applicant will be sent an email. Applicants are encouraged to check their emails daily while waiting for an opening.


From each term we cannot predict the number of applicants who will be admitted from the waiting list, it is determined by the response we receive from the admitted members. Occasionally we are unable to admit any candidates from the waiting list while in other occasion we offer admission to dozens of waitlisted applicants.


Good luck and thank you for your interest in Evolution Sports Qatar


Please find attached below a PDF document which also provides instructions and screen shots of each step.

Download this file (Online Application.pdf)How to Register and be an EVO Member?[ ]438 kB