Evolution Swimming visited Al Khor International School

On Friday, March 24th Evolution Swimming visited Al Khor International School to take part in a developmental swim meet. 

This was the first time that AKIS and Evo had come together in such a way and there was much excitement around the event.

Open to our younger swimmers from Level 4 and 5, this was an opportunity for many to experience their first swimming competition. Races were held over a 50m distance however for the older swimmers, there was also the chance to test themselves in the100m IM event.

Despite some initial nerves, the strength of performances considering for many this was the first taste of competition was pleasing to witness.  Despite some of the children being smaller than the height of the diving blocks they plucked up the courage and dived in, some continuing to race even if their goggles did fall off their head!

Each member of our coaching team was present on poolside to support and encourage the swimmers. Witnessing our swimmers put themselves out into the unknown made the team very proud.  To have such a great turnout of swimmers so early on a Friday and to have traveled so far afield to Al Khor is a testament to the enthusiasm that is currently such an obvious characteristic of our Evo swimmers.

We would like to extend our thanks to all the parents who kindly took on the role of timekeepers, and to our resident photographer Steve Morrison for once again capturing some fantastic images. Thanks, must all go to AKIS for putting on such a wonderful and enjoyable swim meet for our swimmers. 

We look forward to working more with AKIS more in the future to help improve the provision of developmental swim meets in Qatar.