At Evolution, one of our core values is friendship. Evo is home to many team sports that naturally forge friendships. Any of us who have ever played a team sport will likely have remained friends with our team mates for many years. 

"Swimming can often be a lonely sport and at Evo we try to do all we can to encourage friendship amongst our swimmers."  John Evans Evolution Swimming Director

We are lucky enough to have Holly and Maddie, who have become the best of friends through their time together at Doha College and Evo. 

Both are at very similar stages of development and often find themselves competing against each other in the pool. Their races are closely fought and often only tenths of a second splits them. Whatever the result, Holly and Maddie are each others biggest supporters even when in competition. 

If one is racing and the other is not, you can be sure to hear the cheers coming from the pool deck! 

Their attitude is a credit to their parents and we at Evo are proud to have such fantastic characters in our midst. Long may their friendship continue!