Whatever your aim; losing a little weight, toning up or getting fit, there’s a fitness programme to suit you. Our outstanding team of coaches will guide and support you on your journey. Have a look through our wide range of programmes and pick one that works for you.  

We offer several membership packages to suit you. There's no registration, no contract or hidden fees. Simply choose an offer that works for you and become part of the EvoFit Community today! 

Fitness Programmes



If you’re looking to burn fat, work hard but have fun then Gym Fit is for you! It’s adaptable to any level of fitness and uses a wide range of equipment including free weights, cardio and resistance machines, gym equipment and, of course, some great body exercises and moves to tone you up! Burn fat, have fun, sign up! 



If you want to burn fat quickly, the key often lies in changing your resting metabolism. Meta Fit, created by a former Royal Marine Commando, is an intense program combining traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata techniques to set the metabolism on fire, all set to a killer soundtrack! Ideal if you’re short on time but want maximum results! 



Box Fit is a dynamic class based around the principles of boxing using pads and gloves only (so no-one actually gets punched or hurt!), it introduces a number of boxing techniques, moves and fitness drills to get you fit and in great shape. An enjoyable and rewarding workout! 




Bootcamp is a one hour fat blasting, strength building and metabolic conditioning workout. Bootcamp uses high-intensity interval training and embraces the latest in exercise science to get you in great shape both mentally and physically. We use a wide range of equipment and although it’s hard work it’s also strangely satisfying!  



Functional 45

 If you’re not sure what you want or need, Multi Fit is the programme for you. This is a multi-discipline fitness package that involves a whole range of different exercises, all in one fast-paced class. Multi Fit covers multiple disciplines and uses all sorts of equipment to work all those key muscle groups. Intensive from start to finish but adapted for different skills and abilities. You’ll feel a whole lot better for a Multi Fit workout. 




Corex is, as you might guess, all about core body strength. During a 30 min work-out you’ll work to strengthen those core muscles. There is flexibility for everyonbe, so it’s challenging but achievable for your level of fitness. You’ll work with resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises like crunches and hovers. A great road to a strong and lean core! 



Evo pump  

Evo Pump is a full body workout. If you want to get toned and fit, this program is made for you. You’ll work with barbells, light to moderate weights, lots of repetition but with inspiration and encouragement from our instructors. We’ll guide you through the moves, develop technique and keep you pumping to some great music! 



Helipad yoga 

Yoga on top of a helipad overlooking the Doha skyline! If you want an incredible yoga experience, it’s hard to beat. Taking place with the backdrop of a beautiful city centre it’s the perfect addition to your weekly fitness program to help centre body and soul. 



Teen fit 

Evo Sport is actively involved in helping to combat childhood obesity. We created Teen Fit to provide fun and engaging exercises for young people from 6 years old. Exercises are designed to be achievable, enjoyable and adapted to meet the needs and abilities of a wide range of people. Feeling fit and healthy is a huge benefit in every aspect of life, whatever your age.