School is out - Join us for camp! Evolution Sports offer a range of camps for players of all ages and abilities throughout the year.

Evolution Sports Qatar have a reputation for executing fantastic holiday Camps throughout the year to ensure that time off from School does not mean the Evolution Sports Qatar experience stops too. 

Evolution Sports Qatar operate camps every holiday respectfully during Eid, winter, spring & summer and work. We offer 3 types of camps Multi-Sports, Swimming and our brand new Archery & Fencing.


Multi Sports Camps

Our #IAMEVO Multi-Sports Camps are designed to challenge young athletes to progressively develop their skills, performance and confidence. The campers will play different sports/activities daily which will be delivered in a fun and safe way were the children will have opportunities to explore the technical aspect by catering for all ages and ability groups.


Swimming Camps

Our #IAMEVO Swimming Camps are designed to develop the swimmer's confidence and technique in an engaging, supportive and safe environment. Our campers will be provided with at least 2 swim sessions per day, broken up with an array of multi-sport activities and games to keep them entertained. Campers will be divided into their ability levels, from complete beginners to strong swimmers, allowing us to ensure all swimmers are challenged.

Fencing & Archery Camp

Our #IAMEVO Archery & Fencing Camps are structured to meet the needs of all young athletes, to have fun, learn new skills and meet new friends in a safe and friendly environment. All courses include a variety of technical and fun activities based around Archery & Fencing and added elements of additional sports which cater for all ages and ability groups

IAM EVO Holiday Camp - Schedule

July - August 2021 (Summer) - IAM EVO Holiday Camp

July - August 2021 (Summer) - IAM EVO Holiday Camp

4th July - 26th August

  • Multi Sports
  • Swimming
  • Archery & Fencing


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