Welcome to the Evolution Netball Remote Learning Page!

Evolution Sports Qatar makes fun and engaging remote learning & workout video content accessible to everyone!

As COVID-19 restrictions ease and we return to physical activities doesn't mean we have to stop practicing the games & activities we love!

Delivered by specialist coaches, our remote learning packages challenge young learners to develop skills in a range of sports progressively.

Whether you are aged 3 - 17 or 18 and above, we have something healthy and engaging for you. The whole of Qatar can now take part in our remote learning for FREE!

If you love or have a passion for Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Netball or fitness, we have something for you.

This is our commitment to the wider community of Doha, as we continue to aline ourselves with Qatar's 2030 vision to ensure accessible sport and healthy activities for all.


Remote Learning - Evolution Netball

Remote Learning -Warm Up - Week 1

Remote Learning - Testing - Week 1


Remote Learning - Evolution Netball

Evo Netball | Youth Ball Skills - Week 2

Evo Netball | Foundation Ball Skills - Week 2


Remote Learning - Evolution Netball

Evolution Netball | Youth Movement - Week 3

Evolution Netball | Foundation Movement - Week 3